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‘Snow Monster’ Joule Special Edition Skin is Coming Soon!

‘Snow Monster’ Joule Special Edition Skin is Coming Soon!

  • Vainglory
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  • Dec 21, 2016


‘Snow Monster’ Joule has a new BFF: a ‘cool’ (ha ha, get it?) fluffy monster that she can ride! Celebrate this holiday season with this legendary-quality Special Edition skin.


‘Snow Monster’ Joule has more effects, animations and changes than ever before!


  • Goofy belly or bum-bumping Rocket Leap
  • Joule flops down next to her buddy in an all-new death move
  • Dance-y congratulatory best friends fun recall


  • Rocket Leap sends out a shockwave of ice
  • Snow Monster creates a frost aura and throws a column of ice for Thunder Strike
  • Ultimate monster roar lets loose cold breath and ice chunks onto your enemies


Orphan Monster

Joule found the snow monster on toppa the airship tower where sometimes we’d go to set off fireworks. There’d been a ruckus up there the night before; an elevator broke and a bunch of ladies were done for. Whole thing was hush-hush even in the places we eavesdropped, so Joule said we should check it out ourselves. After dark we ducked under the security tape and went up the emergency ladders. Chatter tapped out halfway up, scared of heights, and SBD took longest, but Joule was first. We went right for the chalk outlines in the control room, laid inside them, poked at the buttons on busted equipment, wowed at the big hole in the ceiling. Chester pretended to shove Petey into the yawning broken elevator hole.

Joule climbed up to the landing pad. That’s where she found it: a wiggling military backpack hanging off the edge.

“It’s a cat!” screamed Bell, who was afraid of cats, when Joule pulled out the white ball of fur.

“It ain’t a cat,” said Joule. “It’s a monster.”

Bell had no cause yet to be scared of monsters so she stepped in close, then we all did. For sure it wasn’t a cat or a dog or a hamster or like anything we’d seen before. Also it was hungry, ‘cause first thing, it tried to eat SBD’s fingers.

“Prob’ly has rabies,” said Petey, leaning in close. The monster let out this baby-cute roar, and his breath was so cold that he iced Petey right over, gave him icicle eyelashes and frozen boogers. So none of us insulted the monster again.

“He doesn’t have rabies. He’s an orphan, so we gotta take care of him,” said Joule, and shoved him in the backpack. “His name’s Mac.” She snuck him down the ladder and back home. We fed it bacon and muffins but it liked peppermint candy most of all. Turned out it was a baby when we found it, ‘cause in a coupla weeks, Mac grew curly horns out of its head and pointy tusks out his mouth. He got taller than alla us in a month.

We couldn’t hide him for long. Every time he sneezed, he froze the house, and when he didn’t, the poor guy was sweaty-hot. He stomped holes in the floors. We figured we’d have to shave him or stuff him down in the sewer with the other too-big pets but Joule had this whole other idea. She taught Mac to carry her, and she’d chase alla us around for target practice, tickling Mac’s nose when she wanted him to roar ice. She fed him peppermint candies when he did good, and she used alla us as her target practice, so we had icicle eyelashes and frozen boogers until Joule figured Mac was ready for the big time.

Now, she and Mac run crystal in the Halcyon Fold together. Joule tells us that Mac turned a whole jungle into wintertime with his yawns and roars and sneezes, so after they’ve collected lots of crystal and gold, she tucks him into a fluffy snowdrift and kisses him nighty-night. She makes a hella lotta gold there, which is lucky ‘cause every morning she has to bring him pizzas and pies and candies for breakfast, and that stuff ain’t cheap.

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